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Thank You to Canadian Blood Services for your continued support of our event!

When You Give the Gift of Blood You have the ability to affect 3 Lives!

It could be the life of someone you know! It could be a child!  Join Our Partners for Life campaign and donate today!

We have clinics every three months and You can be a part of it!  You can give today so someone can have a better tomorrow!

We were proud to receive two awards from Canadian Blood Services, Ambassador of the Year Edmonton 2019 and Peer Recruitment Award for the Prairie Region 2020.   Join us at one of our upcoming clinics or join our Partners for Life campaign using the code  CHER971632  - Follow the link: Donate for Cheryl!  

There are so many ways you can make a difference! From being a blood donor to organ donation!  

Are you a match?  Check out the Stem Cell/Bone Marrow Registry.  One small act could have an incredible impact on someone's life!

Join Canada's Lifeline!

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